LINENSPA Microfiber sheets

Microfibers are mostly made up of nylon polymers and polyester. The thickness of a microfiber strand is less than one denier (measuring unit for the thickness of fiber).Sheets used in bedding and assembled by microfibers rather than cotton etc are called Microfibers sheets.

Quality of sleep tremendously depends upon the bed sheet you have chosen to sleep upon. If you go for Microfiber sheets, they are very light and comfortable, especially in summers and warmer climates, you will feel more relax and light because you would not be sleeping on any thick cotton sheet and sweating because of the warm environment they create.You can also use Microfiber sheets as sleep wear as they are breathable and you don’t feel any weight upon your body while having yourself wrapped in it.

One of the brands for microfiber sheets is “LINENSPA Wrinkle-Free Lightweight Oversized Brushed Microfiber 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set”. Linenspa is considered as a marvelous solution forlavish bedding it is completely affordable. Micro-yarnstructure facilitates smoothness, breathability and wrinkle free sheets. Microfibers are 100 times thinner than a hair strand which also makes it best for keeping away any allergic microbes in the air.

Microfiber sheets are available around the world with every oversized dimension. There is no limitation or any query in finding the microfiber sheets for your bed whether it’s large small or any other size. It’s easily available and always ready to serve the purpose. It’s not only wrinkle free but also strained resistant. Its saves your time for washing it over and over again like other cotton sheets, since it gets dirty very less.

Beside the less dirt factor it is easily washable. You do not have to care about the material and what will happen to it if you just put it inside the washing machine for spinning. It will get out clean and as new as it ever was. There is no need to wait for it to get dry because it does not absorb water inside its fiber strands making it easy to dry and tremendously easy to handle unlike the cotton sheets which take hours to get dry and even worn out after consistent washing.

One of the other advantages of microfiber sheets is their elasticity. They are really stretchable to a great amount which makes them fit for different sizes with respect to your bed.LINENSPA’s micro fiber sheets also fits up to 22’’ deep mattress with complete elasticized fitted sheets. They also serve the purpose of elasticity well.

Rather than going for cotton bed sheets if you will go for micro fibers bed covers and sleep wear. They will save your time wasted in cleaning and drying them.  They are long-lasting, very light weight which makes them more appropriate for carrying around.  These sheets are a much better replacement for the ordinary cotton sheets. There advantages simply outrun those of the cotton sheet. Moreover, they are inexpensive and undoubtedly better. Get a grab on microfiber sheets as soon as possible and enjoy their luxurious softness.

Divatex Home Fashions Microfiber Sheet

Microfiber sheets are used to synthesize knitted, woven and non-woven sheets. These are synthetic fibers that are illustrious for their durability, softness and water repellant characteristics. They are extra fine sheet and are considered more suitable for a large number of people. Microfiber sheets have many beneficial properties to help individuals get rid of their sleep issues. These sheets possess wicking properties to prevent people from sweating during the sleep. These sheets keep one dry throughout the night with its synthetic properties. These sheets are very appropriate for people with allergies. These are constructed in a away to repel dust, mites and dirt. It renders one with a soft and cool surface to lie on while sleeping. There smooth and velvety texture is ideal for raveling your bed with and guarantee full comfort.

These sheets are extremely strong and long-lasting. They almost never tear apart during day to day use. They remain like new even after multiple washes. Microfiber sheets can be stitched in any shape and texture. They can give you the feel of cotton or silk. They are available in various styles and shapes to keep your bed adorned a trendy.

Divatex Home Fashions Microfiber Sheet Set serve the purpose of covering your bed with the most delicate designs and cuts. These sheets are 100% brushed. They are extremely smooth and soft and are not degraded by washing again and again. They are wrinkle resistant and very convenient to use. These save the extra time wasted in ironing the long and wide cotton sheets that take time to come back to their shape.

Divatex Home Fashions Microfiber Sheet Sets are available in a wide range of colors to cater large number of users. There fabulous range includes magenta, bronze chocolate, blue etc. These super soft sheet promises to keep you comfortable throughout the time that u spend in your bed. These micro fiber sheets are available in a broad range of sizes to fit almost any size of the bead. They can fit twin, full, queen, king and cal king sizes. They have deep pockets to host any size of pillows or mattresses. These microfiber sheets are not sensitive and don’t require to be washed with hands. They can be washed in the machine and there color will still remain intact.

Microfiber sheets are much less expensive compared to the pure cotton sheets. These sheets serve their purpose well in bringing your bedroom to life. They are advantageous, cheap and super soft. They have breathable wave and are especially famous for preventing allergies. The tiny fibers in the microfiber sheet are arranged in a highly defined way to stop any allergies from getting trapped in them. They are hundred times thinner than a strand of hair and accumulation of any kind of germs in them is nearly impossible.

Well, if you are looking for covering your bed with a modern look and color to appeal your senses. Microfiber sheets are there to serve your purpose. They will not only make your bedroom look fashionable, they will also be useful and easier to handle in many ways.

How to Clean Microfiber Sheets

Microfiber sheets are popular due to the kind of services they offer to the users. Their durable nature makes them economically friendly since one does not have to buy them soon again. But for them to give you that desired service there is a role for you to play. Proper care and maintenance should be taken for them especially during cleaning. The sheets are soft and therefore easy to clean. There are some guidelines that should be observed while cleaning the microfiber sheets in order to last long. Failure to this will lead to stained and tattered sheets that are uncomfortable. Read on to get what you need to do and what to avoid.


Cleaning the sheets should be done when necessary and not every day in order to increase their life span. How regular you clean the sheet will depend on whether the sheets are too dirty or less dirty. Below is how to clean them in each case.

How to clean the sheets when less dirty

If the sheets have less dirt and no stains you may not need to wash them thoroughly. You can opt between two choices.

  • The sheets can be vacuum-cleaned to get rid of the dust in them. The dust particles are removed by the vacuum cleaner and they are left fresh again. The sheets may also be brushed of the dust using a soft material in an open place. This will help to remove the dust from them and the sheets can be reused again.
  • The second option is if the sheets are a little dirtier. The sheets should be watched in warm water. Warm water will help to loosen the threads and the dust and other dirt particles will get released. In case the sheets have fat on them, detergent or soap should be used in the warm water. This makes the sheets clean again and can be reused.

How to clean the sheets when they are too dirty

If the sheets are too dirty the best option is to wash them using a machine. Machine laundering will help get rid of all the dirt. When washing the sheets using the machines some things need to be observed. These include the temperature of the water being used and the PH of the water. The two properties should be maintained at proper levels to prevent destruction of the sheets. After cleaning, the sheets should then be machine-dried using the right temperatures.

What not to do

There are some things that should be avoided while cleaning the microfiber sheets.

  • Avoid using any fabric softener since the softener acts like wax. The air spaces in the sheets get clogged and the sheets are no longer able to trap dust.
  • When cleaning the sheets do not mix them with other materials that might stain them. If they get mixed remember to rewash them immediately in order to give them their original look.
  • Do not use chlorine as the bleaching agent any strong acid since the fibers may get shattered.

How to buy the best microfiber sheets

Microfiber is one of the most popular materials that is used for making textiles. Its popularity is attributed to its durable nature and its softness. Microfiber sheets are therefore popular since they are comfortable and most people enjoy sleeping in them. The sheets come in various colors, sizes and thickness. When purchasing the sheets there are things you should know in order to buy the best. Whether you buy a single sheet or a set of them make sure that the following guidelines are observed in order to get the best value for your money.

1. Determine the size of the sheets to buy

Microfiber sheets come in various sizes in order to suit the different needs of different individuals. Therefore it is advisable to know what the appropriate size is for your bed. The size combines both the length and the width of the sheet. The measurements of your bed are going to determine the size of the sheets to buy. Therefore get the length and the width of your bed.

2. Determine the color and pattern of the sheets

Since the sheets are available in many different colors decide on the appropriate color for your sheets. The color should match the color of the other beddings and should also be easy to clean. On the side of pattern, solid patterns are preferred as they are attractive to many. Therefore you can ask the seller to show you the available colors and patterns in order to choose the one that suits you the best.

3. Purchase the sheets in sets

Instead of buying each sheet individually, it is advisable to the sheets in sets. This will allow you to enjoy other offers that go alongside buying the sheets in sets. These include lower prices, free products such as pillows and pillow cases and many more. Buying the sheets in sets is also advantageous since consistency is maintained in all beddings.

4. Decide on the thread count of the sheets to buy

The sheets have different number of thread counts. Thread count affects the softness of the sheets and aeration while asleep. Higher thread count in the sheets ensures that the sheets are soft and breathable while the vice versa is true. Though the price is high for higher thread count it is advisable to buy them.

5. Enquire about customer services

Ask the seller about the customer services offered after purchase. This mainly involves how to clean the sheets in order to last long. Also inquire whether you can return the sheets if they do not meet your requirement such as the bed size. This is important in order to avoid any conflict between the buyer and the seller.

In order to get the best from the microfiber sheets, make sure that the above are observed. The sheets do not stain and absorb moisture and therefore keeps one dry while asleep. Taking good care of the sheets will ensure that the sheets last long and give you the desired service.

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