How to Clean Microfiber Sheets

Microfiber sheets are popular due to the kind of services they offer to the users. Their durable nature makes them economically friendly since one does not have to buy them soon again. But for them to give you that desired service there is a role for you to play. Proper care and maintenance should be taken for them especially during cleaning. The sheets are soft and therefore easy to clean. There are some guidelines that should be observed while cleaning the microfiber sheets in order to last long. Failure to this will lead to stained and tattered sheets that are uncomfortable. Read on to get what you need to do and what to avoid.


Cleaning the sheets should be done when necessary and not every day in order to increase their life span. How regular you clean the sheet will depend on whether the sheets are too dirty or less dirty. Below is how to clean them in each case.

How to clean the sheets when less dirty

If the sheets have less dirt and no stains you may not need to wash them thoroughly. You can opt between two choices.

  • The sheets can be vacuum-cleaned to get rid of the dust in them. The dust particles are removed by the vacuum cleaner and they are left fresh again. The sheets may also be brushed of the dust using a soft material in an open place. This will help to remove the dust from them and the sheets can be reused again.
  • The second option is if the sheets are a little dirtier. The sheets should be watched in warm water. Warm water will help to loosen the threads and the dust and other dirt particles will get released. In case the sheets have fat on them, detergent or soap should be used in the warm water. This makes the sheets clean again and can be reused.

How to clean the sheets when they are too dirty

If the sheets are too dirty the best option is to wash them using a machine. Machine laundering will help get rid of all the dirt. When washing the sheets using the machines some things need to be observed. These include the temperature of the water being used and the PH of the water. The two properties should be maintained at proper levels to prevent destruction of the sheets. After cleaning, the sheets should then be machine-dried using the right temperatures.

What not to do

There are some things that should be avoided while cleaning the microfiber sheets.

  • Avoid using any fabric softener since the softener acts like wax. The air spaces in the sheets get clogged and the sheets are no longer able to trap dust.
  • When cleaning the sheets do not mix them with other materials that might stain them. If they get mixed remember to rewash them immediately in order to give them their original look.
  • Do not use chlorine as the bleaching agent any strong acid since the fibers may get shattered.

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